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Day & Evening Classes Available!

* Not all campuses offer evening classes, contact MTI for more information on class schedules.

Medical Coding Training at MTI

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Medical billing and coding classes at MTI will prepare you to play an important supporting role within the healthcare team by translating medical data from patient records.

Medical coder classes at MTI include the following:

  • Anatomy & Medical Terminology
  • Etiology & Pathology
  • Insurance Claims & Guidelines
  • Medical Coding Externship
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How Can MTI Change Your Life?

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School of Medical Coding at MTI

MTI’s medical billing and coding training program will prepare you with the skills required for entry-level positions normally available in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies.

In MTI’s medical coding course, you’ll learn how to:


  • Translate doctors’ notes, medical records & charts into code
  • Interpret insurance claims and develop essential office skills
  • And more!


What Makes MTI Different?

Hands-On Focused

Get hands-on experience in labs that simulate real working environments

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Accelerated Training

Complete your medical coder training in less than a year

Experienced Instructors

All MTI instructors have real-world experience in the medical field

Flexible Class Schedules

Choose class times that work for your busy schedule

Employment Preparation

Learn the skills required for entry-level employment

Career Placement Services

All qualified graduates receive lifetime career placement assistance

Resources to Help You Grow & Succeed

Financial Aid & Scholarships*

FREE Tutoring & Employment Prep

Lifetime Career Placement Services*

Community Events To Help Give Back

Childcare & Housing Location Assistance

Campus Events To Make New Connections

*Financial aid, scholarships, and lifetime career placement services available to those who qualify.

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Springfield, MO

3600 S. Glenstone Outer Road, Springfield, MO 65804
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Get Hands-On Medical Coder Training

How Do MTI Students Pay for School?


Received Financial Aid


Received Grants From the Federal Government

Source: IPEDS Data for Midwest Technical Institute - Illinois

Start Medical Coding Classes at MTI

A JOB is just a place you go to work—a CAREER is a path that moves you forward.

It’s time to TRADE UP! Trade your job for a career as a medical biller and coder with hands-on training at MTI.

Change your life in less than a year at MTI’s School of Medical Coding.

*MTI cannot and does not guarantee a student will obtain employment.

*Not all programs & courses are available at all campus locations.


Satellite Locations

Missouri CDL Range

5284 W. Sunshine Brookline, MO 65619

Illinois CDL Range

4600 Rodger St. Springfield, IL 62703
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